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OLLO Station Documentation


Welcome to Official Docs for OLLO Station

Here you will find an updated post of our Docs including chain details, validator onboarding, developer documentation and tokenomics.

Built on the fast, low fee, internet of blockchains -- the Cosmos Network -- OLLO Station leverages a mix of proven protocols and a few very exciting custom designed protocols introduced by the [Station 8] dev crew. The OLLO incentive program is generated through airdrops, staking rewards, incentivized liquidity pools, and more -- and is designed to be comprehensively rewarding as a force to drive adoption, all powered by its governance token: OLLO

About the OLLO mission

OLLO is a sovereign L1 chain & DeFi Hub providing next-gen trading tools & sustainable tokenomics. Our All in one design Decentralized Exchange provides a suite of advanced automated tools that expand on the basic capabilities of order book trading, staking, bonding, & portfolio control.

OLLO Station revolutionizes the Liquidity Pool & provider experience with the introduction of Air Pools (Always in Range) & Single Asset AMM's. Air pools provide dynamically adjusted ranged pool's concentrating liquidity in a price adjusted range. Single Asset Amm's eliminate imperminant loss providing users with a liquidity providing experience akin to staking. This opens up our LP positions to additional locked gains & liquidity backed lending.

Utilizing Interchain accounts will allow our portfolio control to reach beyond just OLLO. Get ready to have full automated control over your assets, positions, stakes, bonds & rewards on all connected cosmos chains. We are a fully Doxxed team of professional traders, developers, DeFi scientists and dedicated individuals focused on continuous DeFi innovation. Our philosophy is built on the idea that the best tools of today are just a glimpse into the possibilities of tomorrow.

OLLO station is currently in the natal period of its long and exciting developmental journey, but even so, we welcome all early adopters -- developers, potential validators, and end users alike -- to help build OLLO Station and its growing ecosystem.