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The Wisedrop Airdrop Event


The Wisedrop is OLLO Station's Airdrop event happening in conjunction with our launch event. 30M OLLO Tokens will be claimable by eligable stakers at launch. Those who claim during phase 1-3 of our launch event will have a chance to increase their drop by participating in the Event. Eligablility requirements for the Wisedrop are below.

Who is Eligable

  • ATOM stakers (Snapshots taken)
  • OSMO stakers (Snapshots taken)
  • JUNO stakers (Snapshots taken)

Want to check your eligability? Eligability Checker * Eligability Checker - Coming Soon

Allocated Airdrop Tokens

30M OLLO from the genesis distribution has been allocated for the Wisedrop

When Airdrop??

Expected in early early Q1 of 2024 at the Launch of OLLO Station.

How long is the claim period?

Claim info will be updated at launch.