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The OLLO Station Network

OLLO is a semi-permissioned L1 chain & network built on Cosmos ecosystem governed by the OLLO token. The OLLO Chain principles of design utilizes generative profits to replace emissions over time transitioning to a fully diluted sustainable chain without the loss of stake or bond rewards. The OLLO chain will provide a one stop shop DeFi Hub for the Cosmos Community.

The DeFi Hub

OLLO's design utilizes the OLLO Station platform designed to be an all in one solution for simplified & automated DeFi trading & portfolio management. Our Decentralized exchange will provide a suite of advanced automated tools that expand on the basic capabilities of order book trading, staking, bonding, lending & portfolio control. OLLO plans to expand into a multifaceted complete & advanced DeFi Hub solution creating a new standard in expectation.

A Sustainable Future

Sustainable DeFi is our goal. There’s a lot to be thankful for with the introduction of proof of stake (POS), from energy efficiency to low cost fees, POS & the chains utilizing it offer revolutionary DeFi opportunities. As the landscape changes we are introducing new technologies to adapt to the ever changing market. OLLO is focused on future forward Trading tools & solutions that generate & store profits to be redistributed as emissions. This will allow us to stem the gap from the traditional emissions rewards model to our sustainable platform generated profit rewards model. This strategy provides a clear path past emissions to a sustainable future.