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OLLO Station Wise Paper


Note: Tokenomics and design are subject to change for OLLO's improved development in the cosmos ecosystem

About the Project

OLLO Station is a decentralized exchange using custom automated market-making (AMM), Aggregated & Native Auto Compounding mechanism (Yield Optimizer), Staking & Liquid Staking, Portfolio management through automated mechanisms (Account Manager), Liquidity Backed Lending, NFT Marketplace, Mint machine, Name Service and continuous future forward innovative development.

Built on the innovative fast low fee Cosmos Network, OLLO Station leverages a mix of proven protocols, simplified experiences & enhanced automation. The OLLO incentive program utilizes airdrops, staking rewards, incentivized pools and more to be comprehensively rewarding and a force to drive adoption, powered by its governance token with the ticker: OLLO

Growing & Managing Accounts

OLLO offers multiple ways to grow and manage user accounts:

  • Liquidity providers (LPs): Users that stake eligible LP tokens in OLLO's native and aggregated pools will receive OLLO emission rewards. 50% of swap fees collected are distributed to the liquidity providers of the respective pools. Users Eligible LP tokens staked in OLLO's native and aggregated pools will receive OLLO rewards
  • Stake: Users that stake OLLO by delegating to OLLO chain validators will receive an Apr reward proportional to their size of staked OLLO.
  • Account Manager: Users will have access to automated trading tools to manage their assets & or rewards. Place limit parameters on liquidity positions, buy, sell, swap, split, stake, compound & blend assets & rewards for complete control.
  • Yield Optimizer: Offering Staked & Pool users enhanced gains by auto compounding their rewards for an increased APY.
  • Liquidity Backed Lending: Offering users opportunities to borrow against their assets & positions. Users will be able to borrow using on chain liquidity and cross chain liquidity as collateral
  • Trading incentives: The OLLO incentive program makes use of airdrops, staking rewards, incentivized pools, and more to reward and incentivize traders who support the project early on.

Note: In order to sustain rewards for the contributors and users of OLLO Fi, a significant portion of the OLLO Reserve supply is earmarked for future community initiatives.