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Staking through OLLO Station

  • OLLO Station provides its users direct access to stake, unbond, redelegate & claim rewards.
  • OLLO's Staking carries a traditional 14 day undelegation period. Soon, we'll also provide the option to immediately undelegate for a small fee, unique in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Utilizing OLLO's instant undelegating feature will allow secure unbonding options for a small, dynamically determined fee.

More ways to Stake

Keplr wallet: Choose an OLLO validator to delegate your OLLO to, and earn a very rewarding APR while also getting a chance for future airdrops! OLLO Station wil be releasing an integrated OLLO Mobile wallet to allow in app staking.

Staking Rewards

Harvest rewards: Conveniently allow users to claim their accrued OLLO in just a few clicks!

Auto Compound Rewards

Auto Compound: Enter stake utilizing OLLO's Auto Compounding mechanism to automatically re stake your daily rewards!