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Liquidity Provider

  • Users can participate as a Liquidity-Provider (LP) by depositing the combined weights of assets in the designated pool. Pool size can be created as desired by users with any combination of 2-3 assets to build customized liquidity pools. Each LP receives a xxx-20 pool token (LP token) as proof of their proportional ownership of the assets in deposited pool.
  • LPs, i.e., pool token holders, are entitled to receive a portion of the swap fees generated in the respective pool.
  • Swap fees generate a minimum of 0.3%
  • 50% (min 0.15% of swap volume at launch) will be distributed to liquidity providers;
  • The portion of user generated swap fees are deposited into the reserves of the respective liquidity pools. When the user returns the pool token to redeem their share of reserves the user will receive their proportionate share of fees.

Risk of Impermanant Loss

LPs are subject to impermanent loss should the prices of the two tokens diverge from their original prices: Users are strongly suggested to take this into consideration, in conjunction with the expected gains from the fees and yield. All users should take this into account before making a decision to contribute to a liquidity pool.

Note: OLLO offers impermanent loss protection to allow users to automate their maximum loss tolerance.

View and Sort

Allow users to view all eligible pools for allocation, each pool displaying staked amount, earned amount, and APR of pool.


Users can create pools with our custom AMM inspired from Osmosis but with a few tweaks. Users can create & design pools with 2-3 assets using chosen or split asset weights to create pool.


Example: 40% OLLO 30% OSMO 30% ATOM, 50/50, 30/70 or 33/33/34 -- you get the idea. Swap Fees are set at 0.3 minimum, & Exit fee's are set at 3-5% minimum. Users will have an option to withdraw their bond early for a 3% exit fee


  • 50% of the swap fee (1.5%) goes to respective pool users and the remaining 50% goes to sustainability vault.
  • 100% of exit fees go to the Sustainability vault.
  • Bond: Conveniently allow users to bond eligible LP tokens in just a one or two clicks, using OLLO gas fees for payment.
  • Rewards: Automatically deposits users rewards to their OLLO chain wallet at the end of each epoch (day).
  • Impermanent Loss Protection - Users may select a maximum loss tolerance (stop loss) for their Liquidity Positions on non Liquid staked positions.
  • Auto-Compounding: Auto-compound any of your staked LP's to switch from a Apr to a more rewarding Apy to accumulate more OLLO!
  • ROI Calculator: Allowing users to estimate their profit by inputting the amount of investment, and time period. With optional compounding features.