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The native asset of the network OLLO carries a variety of use cases within the platform and network. These include:

  • Securing the OLLO proof-of-stake network
  • Key to OLLO's on-chain governance
  • Transaction fees (gas) for all interoperable smart contracts deployed in the ecosystem
  • Collateral in offered smart contract use-cases


OLLO has a 500 million max token supply. Our team has come up with a unique emission model, where the supply decreases by 1/10 until the max supply is reached.

100 million OLLO will be produced the first year, decreasing the supply by 1/10, 90 million will be produced the second year, and so on. Thus creating a fully diluted market cap by the beginning of year 6 with the per block emission dependent on chain technical design.


OLLO will be distributed by these guidelines:

  • Genesis - 100,000,000 OLLO
  • 1st yr - 100,000,000 OLLO
  • 2nd yr - 90,000,000 OLLO
  • 3rd yr - 80,000,000 OLLO
  • 4th yr - 70,000,000 OLLO
  • 5th yr - 60,000,000 OLLO

Note: subject to change for the benefit of OLLO Tokenomics with the exception of Team %

Genesis Distribution


  • 45% - Airdrop (35% to ATOM/OSMO/JUNO STAKERS, 15% to OLLO STAKERS)
  • 20% - Community Pool
  • 20% - Strategic Reserve
  • 12% - Mission Crontrol (Team)
  • 2% - Developer Fund
  • 1% - Advisors

Locks, Vesting, & Multi-sig

  • Team allocations are locked with an 8 year vesting distribution.
  • Both Wisedrop rounds will be stored in a Multisig until the planned distribution date. Remaining Airdrop supply from both rounds will be transferred to the OLLO Community Pool at the designated end of event.
  • The Strategic Reserve will be stored in a multisig wallet managed by OLLO's core team.
  • The Developer Fund will be stored in a multisig managed by OLLO's core team.



  • 41% - Liquidity Rewards
  • 32% - Staking Rewards
  • 18% - Continued Development
  • 3% - Sustainability Vault
  • 5% - Community Pool
  • 1% - Validators

Locks & Vesting

  • Developers emissions are locked over an 8 year vesting timeframe.
  • The sustainability vault will remain locked until an appropriate volume has accumulated & daily generation has reached a sustainable level in order to begin distributing rewards (distribution volume to be decided at a future date by professional analyists, advisors & community)