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Validator Incentives

A solid Genesis set of community based validators is a key goal for OLLO Station. In order to achieve this goal OLLO Station is introducing an emissions based incentives program to reward those that provide Validator services for the Station.

**1% of daily emissions will be allocated to Validator & Relayer providers. Preliminary distribution is set to be a 50/50 split amoungst the total # of active nodes & Relayers. Details & specifics to be updated.

  • Those that participate in running a Testnet Validator node will get a chance to be an official OLLO Genesis Validator
  • Validators are expected to be part of the OLLO community & provide aditional services when possible.
  • Validators are expected to remain active in the community, Vote responsibly, stay connected & be aware of updates
  • Those that run both Validators & Relayers will receive the largest allocation.

Aditional Information on our upcoming Validator onboarding campaign will be announced here and in Discord in the coming weeks leading up to Mainnet.