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Meet OLLO Station


OLLO is both the name of our chain & our governance token:

  • OLLO Station is OLLO's Decentralized Exchange, Portfolio Manager & DeFi Hub
  • Station 8 Handles the majority of development & validator services for OLLO & OLLO Fi

What is OLLO Station

A new innovatively designed DeFi platform created to provide users a new level of simplicity & automation. OLLO Station is designed help Traders thrive through a wide collective of innovative & automated trading tools. The platform consists of traditional trading tools such as trading, order books, liquidity pools, staking, yield optimizer and more combined with complete automatable control. OLLO provides a vast intuitive trading atmosphere especially designed to allow traders to excel & manage their portfolio through custom automation.

Platform Generated Profits

The OLLO Station platform uses trades, transactions, simplified features, chain actions, MEV Extraction & more to generate fees & profits. These profits & fees will be used to reward users through protocol redistribution & recycled emission redistribution.

Automated Platform Features