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What makes OLLO unique

OLLO's Unique Design

OLLO's design from inception has focused on sustainability. By analyzing the recent success's and failures among DeFi chains, the OLLO team has been able to create a new & intelligent chain design that builds upon a new standard of next-gen DeFi. The future of POS chains will rely on value oriented services. Proof of stake networks need stakers & validators to secure the network, if the APR drops too low so does the profits for the validators & stakers. Validators will move to better opportunities and so will stakers. We can all be community driven & dedicated to a project, but when it comes down to it, profitable growth is still the #1 priority. OLLO provides solutions to these problems by creating simplified DeFi tools & features to generate chain profit. Generated profits will be split amongst protocol rewards & our emission recycler dubbed the Wise Vault.

Recycling Emissions

OLLO’s tokenomics utilizes simplified & automated trading protocols to generate, store, and eventually redistribute profits as recycled emissions. Our method utilizes the classic emissions model to jump start our profit generation. Our protocols will accumulate & store profits/fees in essentially a form of protocol owned liquidity in the Wise Vault. Once stored liquidity and daily profits reach a level deemed as sustainable, platform generated profits will be redistribution as emissions. We’ve designed a suite of tools that offers users complete automated trade control to increase user gains & provide a higher level of platform produced profits. This method essentially recycles emissions to redistribute and keep healthier APR’s sustainable.

The Wise Vault

The Wise Vault was designed to store profits for future sustainable distribution. A portion of all platform generated profits, fees & validator profits are stored in the Wise Vault unused until a sustainable level is reached in liquidity & daily profits in order to begin sustainable distribution. These tokens are essentially taken out of circulation which will increase & stabilize the token price. The Wise Vault also acts as a protocol safety net to provide increased liquidity reserves. Liquidity stores may eventually be used for other strategic purposes.

Flexible Tokenomics

With the goal of sustainable profit based emissions, we plan to offer flexibility in our emissions design. Our genesis distribution consists of 100 million OLLO, and our inflation rate begins at 100% decreasing by 10% each year landing at a 500 Million semi-max supply at 5 years. In order to reach our goals we want to be able to “flex” in the right direction as needed to reach sustainability. If we see enough profits to reach sustainable distribution early before 5 years, we will offer a community vote to lower emissions. If we see at 5 years we need slightly more emissions to make it to sustainability, the community can vote on an extra 1-5 years of supplemental emissions. The goal is to stay flexible for the greater good and success of the project.